10 Dos and Dont’s of Video Conferencing

Video conference calls are a great way to collaborate on projects, both in the IT industry and other corporate sectors. But how do you make sure you’re getting the most out of your video conference? Read these tips on the dos and don’ts of video conferencing.

1. Be Polite to Other Participants

Make sure that you arrive on time to the video conference. Just because the conference is online doesn’t mean that it’s okay to be late. Respect the other participants’ time by being punctual and introducing yourself before speaking to ensure that everyone knows who’s speaking and can then address you by name. Pay attention when other speakers are introducing themselves, so that you can address them by name. Also, make sure that your phone is turned off and avoid multitasking during the video conference call.

2. Speak Clearly and Loudly

Conduct a quick audio check ahead of the virtual meeting to ensure that everyone can hear you. Come prepared and make sure that you know your material ahead of time, as uncertainty can cause you to mumble. Speak naturally but calmly and slowly and enunciate every word to ensure that everyone can hear and understand you clearly. Make sure not to speak too loudly, as yelling at the other participants will cause them to turn down their volume and possibly miss what you were saying.

3. Avoid Distracting Sounds

Everyone’s focus should be on the person speaking and the main points of the call. So avoid typing on your keyboard and make sure that all sounds on your phone are turned off. Also, make sure that you’re in a quiet room with little to no background noise. If you find yourself in a noisy setting, mute yourself when you’re not speaking.

4. Avoid Speaking with Your Hands

Since this is a video conference call, keep in mind that everyone can see you and avoid talking with your hands, as excessive hand movements can distract your audience, says Inc. Keep other body movements to a minimum as well, as any excessive movements can distract from the main purpose of the call.

5. Avoid Interrupting Other Participants

Try not to interrupt other speakers. Wait for an opening in the conversation before offering your opinion, as cutting off other participants is rude. You could also opt to post your pending question on instant messenger to ensure that all comments and concerns are addressed.

6. Maintain Eye Contact

Keep focused on the camera. It’s distracting and rude to have your audience looking at the top of your head, because you’re either typing or looking at your notes or phone while you’re speaking.

7. Avoid Side Conversations

If it’s something you wouldn’t do in a face-to-face meeting, you should probably avoid it in a virtual meeting as well. Don’t start a side conversation with someone sitting next to you or over the phone or on instant messenger during the conference call. Focus all of your attention on the video conference call instead.

8. Dress Appropriately

Again, just because your video conference call is online doesn’t mean that people can’t see you or that the call is not important. Make sure to dress appropriately, says Entrepreneur. Avoid intricate patterns or distracting bold colors. Instead, opt for a pastel or light colored shirt. In the same vein, avoid wearing noisy bold jewellery. Opt for small and simple jewellery to ensure that all participants stay focused on the matter at hand.

9. Practice Video Functions

If you’re unfamiliar with the functions of the video conference call service you’re using, make sure that you practice the video settings and functions ahead of the call ahead of time to avoid wasting other participants’ time during the call. Check and make sure that your microphone is unmuted before launching a monologue during the call, for example.

10. Simply Be Yourself!

While it’s important to remember these rules of etiquette, it’s also okay to be yourself and have a good time during the video conference call. Break the ice with a joke or two. The more fun you have on the call, the more likely that all participants will stay focused on the purpose of the call.

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