Heroes Sim App Review

heroes sim iconWhen we find some new and exciting game, we tend to share it immediately with our readers. Our whole team recently found and got addicted to this role playing game called Heroes Sim. It is a game available on the both Android and iOS platforms and offers dozens of fun features that can keep any user entertained for hours and hours. Simple and challenging, it will glue your hands to your device. The developer, Ilyas Nigmatullin, created this game’s user interface really clean and easy to hheroes sim 1andle and the graphics as amazing as they can get.

The gameplay of Heroes Sim is easy, yet challenging and addictive. It includes an option for you to create and design your own characters. The characters you make are heroes which you can send to battles. Send the off to fight in various battles and earn yourself a place between the best. Your heroes will fight on their own, you just have to simply select and tap on the preferred target. Battling and fighting will level up the skills and stats of your heroes, like better agility, vitality, wisdom and intellect. Get more skill and stat points and reach higher levels. Make more attacks, defenses, health and mana and improve your xp of each member of your group of heroes. You can always reset the skills and the stats, but that will cost you some crystals. The crystals are part of the in-app purchases and with them you can buy amazing stuff from the store. While playing, you also collect gold coins that will be of great use in further purchasing from the Store. With them, you can buy magic staff, shields, all kinds of weapons, armors, etc. Everything you buy will be stored in the inventory – always accessible for you. Don’t forget to purchase all the necessary stuff and to get your heroes prepared for heroes sim 2a long hunt.

The best thing about Heroes Sim is that if you turn off the app, the heroes will keep fighting, so you get the opportunity to be better even if you’re offline. The new version also includes a dungeon and a rating menu where you can always check your scores and see how you’re doing. The more you send your heroes to battles, the better skills they will earn and you will get to higher levels. Play, fight with your heroes, have fun and check your scores and ratings. The game is compatible with all Android devices and with both iPhone and iPad. You can download it for free or with the in-app purchases from both Google Play and the App Store.



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