Insights, Make Better Decisions by Learning from Data


Decisions, decisions. Do you buy or sell, stick or bust, discover or leave well alone; the choices are often baffling. If you are one of those who need to make better decisions by learning from data, then Insights should help you.

Insights was road tested and found to be somewhat puzzling. Although much of data is freely available online (such as the movement of major currencies, oil price fluctuations and house price rises) the app gathers them under one bonnet and produces relationships in your own data by using some kind of knowledge mining formula.insights

It is a bit like a glorified scientific calculator, for example, you will see the principles of Occam’s razor produced when predicting models and observing data. It can achieve a great deal and we found it was useful because it can take your data straight off the Excel spreadsheets or other data software and crunch those figures to allow us to recognise changing patterns, forecast and identify key data.

It certainly can be a useful tool to use in business. Model building and deploying is not that difficult – it’s more finding out which data to crunch. It is worth noting that Insights uses 64-bit parallel software, which was excellent considering we were working with a Mac and Insights scaled down to the number of cores running inside our machine, making sure it always ran at optimum power.

What we did like about Insights was the documentation that accompanies the app. There were numerous examples on data that you can crunch to help predict, develop or model to meet your own forecasts better. We are talking of stuff like climate change figures, engineering data, energy output and business or money data to name but a few.

insights-2Although we did not use the importing or exporting data modules, it was good to learn that data on AppleScript, TEXT and Python were also supported when pushing data from your own software to Insights.

Insights is very well laid out and features graphs at every juncture showing you clearly how the data looks and the forecasts might develop. Insights describes your new data very well and in a concise, clear manner.

Insights is an ideal tool for scientific, biological and mathematical data (often used in engineering). It is also good for forecasting and predicting as it uses complex methods that take away guess work and trends away from the equation.