5 Apps to Keep Your Home Life Organised

With technology invading every aspect of our lives these days, it seems a challenge for everyone to keep everything prioritised, let alone even remembered. When you then add in children’s soccer practices, science club competitions, and orchestra concerts, it’s easy to feel completely overwhelmed. Thankfully, you now need to look no further than your own pocket for a plethora of organisational solutions. Here are five apps that we at Modernize use every day to help keep our home life organised and running smoothly.

green shineGreen Shine: ($2.99) Keeping up with all the chores around the house is strenuous enough. Finding time to research chemical-free cleaning solutions that are safe for your children and pets, is virtually impossible. Green Shine gives you all that information in the palm of your hand. The 128 eco-friendly solutions range from neutralising odours in the kitchen to cleaning and polishing your leather sofa, and are all easily made with items you probably already have in your home.

coziCozi: (FREE) Cozi takes home life organisation to the next level. Its primary function is to keep a shared calendar for each family member’s busy life, and to provide reminders of events so no appointment is ever missed. But Cozi is way more than just an event scheduler. Each family member also has access to stored to-do lists, chore lists, favourite recipes, and grocery lists. With convenience like that, everyone’s itinerary will be coordinated in no time!

dinner-spinnerDinner Spinner: (FREE) Come 5:00p.m., smartphones around the world start buzzing with “What do you want for dinner?” texts. We’re all too tired to get creative, so most weeknight dinners get to be monotonous. With All recipes Dinner Spinner app, you can search thousands of recipes based on criteria like cooking time, what’s in your pantry, and diet restrictions to help break your meals out of their funk. Plus, the app allows you to generate grocery lists from saved recipes, making it even easier to never forget that one vital ingredient.

billminderBillMinder: ($1.99) The average home requires 20 different bills⎼most with different due dates⎼ to keep up with each month. It’s easy to have one slip through the cracks due to stressful, busy schedules. By inputting each bill into BillMinder, you will receive reminders of their due dates, see upcoming bills, and even set up AutoPay through their secure app. Perhaps one of the best features, though, is the personaliSed charts and reports that show exactly how you are spending your money, which helps you find ways to stretch your budget just a little bit further.

homezadaHomeZada: (FREE) A house is usually a person’s largest financial asset, and as such, it needs to be well maintained. Tasks like changing air filters regularly and cleaning out the gutters always make it on the “I’ll do that next weekend” list, but with helpful alerts and reminders from HomeZada, you are sure to have that list checked off in no time. But task organisation isn’t all that HomeZada does. A remodeling tool lets you keep track of your budget, favoUrite products, and renovation schedules when it comes time to update your home. Plus, you are also able to create a digital inventory of everything in your home by storing photos and documents so that you are certain to be adequately insured and reimbursed were a disaster to happen. Premium version is $59 annually

Although getting these apps set up will take a certain amount of focused energy and effort, you will soon question how you ever made it through life without them once they are!