Flight 88 – Flying High is a Fun Single Player Game

flight 88When we discover some new interesting game, you all know that we immediately share it with all of you. The game that we’re talking about is called Flight 88. This fresh arcade game was recently developed by Rodrigo Schmid and released on the iOS platform. We highly recommend it to all of the iOS users out there, because it is one of the most fun and entertaining games that we played in a while and our whole team got addicted to it. It is created with wonderful and colorful graphics, pleasing backgrounds and even more engaging sound effects and melody.

The gameplay that Flight 88 features is very simple, yet so much challenging and priceless. You won’t have any problems in flight 1figuring out how to play, but just in case, we’re here to explain it to you. As soon as you catch on and get ahead of the game, it gets more difficult. You play with the coolest and cute little plane and your main goal is to fly it without crashing it. You control its flight just with tapping on your screen. Before you play, you get to choose from different colors and pick the one you like the most for your plane. Fly the plane as best as you can, without hitting the obstacles that appear on your path. Avoid the multiple types of obstacles, because they can make you lose the game. But, don’t worry, you have unlimited opportunity for restarting the game and improve your skills with each round.

flight 2Also, while flying, it is important that you collect the coins in your way. Try to collect as many coins as you can and with them, buy some of the featured new plane characters and have more fun. There are two other types of coins, as well – red and silver. If you collect a red coin, it will offer a full 5 seconds protection from the obstacles and you can freely pass through them – they won’t make any harm to your plane. If you collect the silver coins that work like a magnet, you will be able to collect even more coins. Fly and make your own high scores and then try to beat them.

This retro flight experience is a must if you want to make your free time more enjoyable. We are sure that all of the iOS users and game lovers will adore this perfect time killer. Show it to your friends and family in order to share the fun and see who the best player is. You can find this fun single player game on the App Store and download it for free