Interstellar Defense, a Fine First Person Sci-Fi Exploration on iPhone

interstellar iconGames are certainly the best way for us to spend our time more entertaining and fun. There are different types of games, but few can challenge us mentally and make us think more strategically and logically. One of those kinds of games is Interstellar Defense. It is a cross-platform strategy game for all of the advanced game lovers who would love to challenge themselves with good gameplay. It is developed by RedForce Games and it is playable for both Android and iOS users. Designed with wonderful HD graphics, planetary backgrounds and cool Sci-fi soundtrack and sound effect, it will engage and addict you to the fullest.

Interstellar Defense features a whole storyline, where you find out that the gameplay is set in the 24th century, people haveinterstellar defense 1 evolved and colonized on another planets and they have the aliens as enemies. First, you will be able to play mini-games where you can earn golden coins in order to unlock the planets and claim them. It allows you to explore, research, capture and scan the 15 featured planets, for finding resources and making your best plan for future defense. Quickly think your best strategy and place your defenses best, because the enemy ships can attack at any moment. Build your ships with energy and crystals and pick the best weapons to fight. There are plenty of weapons and many upgrades to choose from. Your main goal is to defend your planet and get into battles with different types of enemies and bosses. You can also use the power-ups that can help you to do the triumph over your enemies and keep your planets safe.

interstellar defense 2This game can provide hours of fun and challenges because of its leveling progression. It contains over 200 levels to play through and 3 different difficulty modes. Try to win more levels, gain more XP and get higher scores. You can also check your scores in the game’s leaderboard and compete with other users. Share Interstellar Defense with your friends, play together and see who is better at getting high scores. Replay all you want and enjoy this authentic gameplay with priceless visual varieties and spectacular graphics. With several in-app purchases, Interstellar Defense is free for download and you can find it on both Google Play and the App Store.