Flip Football – Free Football Manager Strategy Card Game

flip-ballOur devices can be of great value when we’re bored and simply we want to fill in our time with something entertaining thing to do. The best way to keep ourselves busy and entertained at the same time, are of course games. If you are a fan of football games or a fan of card games, we highly recommend you download Flip Football. It is one of the most unique sport games available on the iOS platform these days. We started playing it and believe us, we couldn’t leave our phones down. But, you can play it on both your iPhone and iPad. This football related game is developed by From flip footballThe Bench. It is a startup company that has created other successful games, such as NBA General Manager and BVB Fantasy Manager. This Spanish company is specialized in creating social sports games on various platforms, like the iOS platform, the Android platform and Amazon, as well. Their games are loved from users worldwide and gained over 60 million downloads.

Flip Football, however, stands out with its authentic and innovative gameplay from all of the old traditional card games. It will make you think more logically and it requires of you to show your best strategies. The main goal is to flip as many of your opponent’s cards as you can and with it, earn points and win the match. You will have the unique opportunity to play live and compete with other players from across the globe. Try to win more matches and collect the cards with the best football stars ever. Also, you can play within the game’s tournaments and regular seasons. The regular seasflip football 2on will reward you at the end of each month and the tournaments allow you to play with other user and compete until one of you is eliminated from the match.

Prepare yourself to enjoy the unique experience of playing different cards games. Create your best lineup, get your football team ready to confront with other users on the battlefield. The more games you win, the more points and rewards you will receive. Try to think more strategically if you want to level up and score higher. The gameplay may sound simple to you, but it will engage you for hours and make your time more fun. Play more, raise and reach the highest division, receive exclusive virtual rewards and have fun while doing all of that. You can download this revolutionary football card game for free from the App Store.