PocketFishing, Virtual Fishing Anywhere and Anytime

pocketfishingWe were fascinated by PocketFishing because of its close resemblance to real fishing as you could get on a smartphone or tablet. The realism of actual fishing is what makes this app. This is not some cartoon-like app game where the fish are drawn in poorly, the fish include beautifully illustrated graphics showing simulated like the silver carp or Volga zander breeds. Even the river banks and water look real.

The rivers and lakes are displayed in all the different seasons, so fishing in the winter is just as much fun as it is in the warm summer months. And it’s a lot warmer too when you play on your device. To virtual fish using this game the settings are superb. Most of the action takes place in the calm rivers or lakes in Russia.

Real enthusiasts of fishing will love this game for the way the rods bend, the catch is challenging and has to be reeled in properlypocketfishing 1 and of course, the serene waters you will be enjoying your favourite hobby in.

There is a huge variety of fish you can catch and it won’t leave you hanging around with rod in hand for ages and ages waiting for that bite. However, you should not expect to catch your prey with consummate ease either. PocketFishing is fishing with a difference; it could be down to the gentle soothing musical sounds that amble away as you wait for the catch, or it might be the calm waters and realistic landscapes in the background.

pocketfishing 2As any fishing enthusiast knows, the sport is not just about dipping your rod into the water and waiting for a bite; a fishing hobbyist is nothing without a decent tackle, bait and style. Once we caught the first fish it was like a goal had been achieved and we were eager to make it happen again, which of course it did!

There is a global table of records and achievement to put your username up in lights. This is a great way of putting your achievements up on the board and showing off to all your friends about your big catch.

There are a number of different rods you can use and alternate hooks, depending on which type of fish you hope to catch. In many ways, it is like practicing for the real thing and the game has clearly been designed by a keen fishing lover.