Steve – The Jumping Dinosaur Widget Game


Steve is a dinosaur who jumps around your device in the notification centre. Steve has been featured in a number of computer weekly magazines and periodicals and the concept is to brighten up a dull notification centre or play games while you wait to be reminded of a key appointment or date.

jumping dinosaur 1Getting Steve the Dinosaur (which is basically little more than a widget) into play is easy. Steve need only be dragged down, by the finger, and the notification centre opens with Steve on hand to do whatever he has to do. But what exactly does Steve do?

Steve does not appear to be alone – he has many friends and you will be seeing a lot of them in this gaming app. To get the highest score is easy. Steve is available to play games with, like jumping over obstacles and leaping through a hoop or three, all of which gets you more points on the board. The obstacles are there to be avoided and the better you become at skipping around these hazards, the more points you will get on the board.

If you feel there is a similarity to the Chrome Easter Egg Games, that’s because there is. The developers assure there’s no copying of ideas or authorship – this game is simply a tribute to the great Chrome ajumping dinosaur 2pp.

Playing with Steve the Dinosaur is fun and a great way to pass the time. However, we are not sure why it has to be part of the notification centre on your device. In many ways it reminded us of the notification paper clip which used to pop up in the Microsoft Works and Word software – only Steve does seem to want to do any more than play with his friends, avoid those obstacles and get you to wilfully pass the time of day when your notification centre is open.

Steve has plenty of friends and you can choose which ones to participate with. If you are not happy with the limited friends of Steve on offer, there are many more loveable characters awaiting you from the in-app purchase store.

Playing Steve – The Jumping Dinosaur Widget Game is a fun way to pass away the minutes while you are in the dentist waiting room or sat on a long car journey in the back seat, it can also be played without having to unlock your device.