The Walking Dead Edition Tower Defense

walking deadWe are all familiar with the fact that strategy games can be huge source of fun and entertainment. They make you think more logically and they can increase your strategy skills to the maximum. That is why we wanted to share this relatively new developed game app on the iOS platform, called Walking Dead Tower Defense. When we first discovered it on the App Store, it attracted us immediately and of course, we had to try it. It attached out hands to out devices, that’s how addictive and challenging it is.

Walkin’ Dead Tower Defense is designed with amazing graphics, extraordinary artwork and well-created, unique characters. It really stands out from the other strategy games. Its gameplay is fun and it features building defensive methods and strategically thinking. Unlike other strategy games, this one allows you to build towers and develop your own defensive mechanisms.walking dead 1

The game has a classic zombie story, set in a post apocalyptic world, where the humanity is threatened with extinction. There is a dangerous virus spreading through the people that turn them into scary flesh eating, dead walkers (zombies). So, now the faith of the humankind is in your hands. You have to make your best plans and strategies in order to save the world. You do that with building and developing defensive towers. Besides that, you need to choose the right equipment and the right weapons and show your best shooting skills. Every remaining human in the world is a soldier. So, walking dead 2do your job as a soldier and defend the last kingdom of defense.

The walkin’ dead will put an end to the human race if you don’t take action immediately. You are a part of the remaining surviving soldiers, so you need to unite together and deal with the undead for survival. Try to not let them pass through or you can say goodbye to humanity. Remember that the world is ending. Use all of your limited resources wisely for survival and give your best in this zombie war.

Get ready to engage yourself into this strategy tower defense game and get yourself involved in the best zombie world atmosphere.  You will surely enjoy the realistic and awesome graphics and eve more realistic and cool characters. Be as smart as you can, prepare your defense strategies and defend yourself and your people from the zombies, they are coming in your way.

Walking Dead Tower Defense is free for download, but there are many in-app purchases options for you to buy some items. You can find it on the App Store.