It’s Just a short Bounce To Success With Color Switch

color switchIt’s tricky enough coming up with an idea for an app, now add to that struggle, the need for good graphics that will make it addictive, engaging and fun. Hard, no? Now imagine that you’re colourblind. Impossible. And yet, Marc Lejeune has done just that with his smash hit Color Switch that topped that charts at no.1 for over a month and a half. Before I let the green eyed monster completely take over I decided to give the game a try and see what all the fuss was about. Two days on and this is the first communication I’ve attempted with the outside world since my first tap of the screen. I’m a complete addict and what’s worse, is the colour scheme is bang on.

The premise of the game is excruciatingly simple, you just tap the screen to move your ball past the obstacles, the only complication being that the key to get passed is colour-coordinated. Once you bounce yourself through the checkpoints your ball will change colour and you’ll have to tap in-time to get through to the next barrier. Sounds easy enough I know, but trust me, I don’t lose out on two days of sleep for any old cake walk – this game is mighty tricky and all the more addictive for it.

The graphics are fairly plain, you play on a black background with moving geometric shapes turning above you. The shapes are made up of a quadrant of different colours, one of which will match the colour of your ball. Using your thumb or forefinger (or big toe for all I care) you tap the screen, if you want to stay in the same place (and wait for your colour to come around) then tap slowly, if it’s time to run then increase the speed, if you stop tapping entirely then you will fall to your death, erupting in a spectacular splash of colourful orbs.

The music is classic arcade and suits the game to a tee, it’s retro rhythm keeps you focused and makes you feel like a true gamer. It’s free to download but be aware that the advertorials are a little heavy handed. Every 3 or so games you’ll be stopped and your groove will be busted by some other app (like they even exist to you anymore) jumping about your screen begging you to play. This is kind of fair enough given that playing is free, however, you’ll occasionally get banner ads at the bottom of your screen mid play and if you accidentally hit one, then say goodbye to that high score of yours, ‘cause it’s game over.

Color Switch is perfect for any gamers who like fast paced and addictive play and although I’m definitely going to be catching up on some much needed shut eye, I’ll definitely be returning on my daily commutes.
If you fancy switching things up then bounce on over to Google Play and start tapping today!