AdBlock Pro – Safari Extension for Blocking Ads


We live in an era where smart phones and computers are a big part of our lives. If we need some kind of information or simply we just want to have fun, we turn to them, of course. Web browsing is something we all do, it has become a daily routine for almost anyone. But, browsing through the Internet sometimes can be quite a hassle and annoying. We are constantly interrupted and troubled with all kinds

adblocker 1of ads and banners. That is why we were searching for an app on the App Store that can free us from all of those annoying ads. We discovered an amazing iOS utility and it is called AdBlock Pro. This app is one of the finest Safari extensions for blocking ads. So, if you want to save data, speed up your Safari browsing by blocking ads, trackers, unnecessary resources and bypass anti-adblock detectors, we highly recommend you get this incredible app. If you’re ready to experience ad-free, 3-5 times faster browsing, about 53% lower data usage and improved battery life, download this app now. Designed with smooth interface and excellent and organized features, this app will be of a great value to you.

When you install AdBlock Pro and when you first start it, you will quickly figure out how to configure it. Within few simple and easy steps, you can set up and start enjoying its amazing features. Start browsing via Safari and forget about all of the annoying ads and banners, autoplaying videos, YouTube video ads, timed pop-ups, scrolling banners, fake “x” buttons. You can say goodbye to your online data collection and redirecting to “xxx” websites. This ad-blocker contains dozens of extra features, such as bypass anti-adblock detectors, sync settings option (between your devices with iCloud), built-in button for quick changes, etc. With its help you can make the web browsing even safer for your kids, by blocking adult content. Hide the obtrusive “Allow Cookies” prompts and hide adblocker 2comment sections on famous websites, as well.

Your web browsing experience will be improved and more enjoyable. With AdBlock free you enhance the life of your battery and lower the data usage for approximately 53%. Your Safari browser will be much faster, for incredibly 3-5 times. You can contribute to this app by reporting any ad that made through and with it, stay constantly updated. Your feedback really counts. Regain precious screen space and enjoy ad-free browsing with this universal app. You can find it on the App Store and download it for free.