Make Apps Vanish From your Home Screen With Vanish Magic Trick

vanish iconThere are many apps in the Entertainment category that can offer true entertainment for you and your friends. Most of them can keep only you entertained but only few can help you impress and astonish other people by sharing the apps with them. About a week ago, some of our staff members decided to get involved in a search for a new entertainment app that we can have fun with. That is how we discovered one of the most unique and one of the coolest apps on the iOS platform. This iOS app is called Vanish – Magic Trick and it can be of a great value for you if you want to impress all of your friends and family members. Vanish – Magic Trick is one of the most authentic apps that we ever decided to review. Tricking your surroundings has never been easier. You can do it now with this cool app, designed with clean graphics and even neater user interfavanish magic trickce. Simply said, the app can make all or some of your apps disappear from your home screen using the proximity sensor.

Once you download and start Vanish – Magic Trick you will easily be able to use and have fun with it. Open the app and you will be presented with three different options: Perform, Instructions and Settings. You should first open the Instructions menu and read and follow the exact orders, if you want to be successful at tricking your friends. Basically, you will read that you only need to take screenshots from your home screen, to be more specific, two screenshots (one with all the icons and one without them). Then, there is the Settings menu, where you need to set up and adjust the grid and tell the app where the icons are. When you’re finished with configuration, you can start performing. Just simply tap on the Perform button and wave your hand over your phone and let the app do the magic trick. The apps that you previously selected will disappear from your home screen. It can be only one app or multiple apps, you decide. The best magical effect that this app does is that when you select one app only and wave it over with your hand, it will disappear and it will leave a hole behind. So, start performing and make the people amazed and impressed.

Vanish – Magic Trick is compatible with both iPhone and iPad, but it works very different on the iPad. This is because this cool app uses the proximity sensors and the iPad doesn’t contain them. The performance of the app is amazing, impress your surroundings with this trick by just waving your hand over the phone and watch as the apps start vanishing from your device’s display. Make your time more enjoyable and fun by downloading this app, for only $4.99. You can find it on the App Store.