PicNut – Event Photo Sharing App you Will Love

picnutYou went on a friend’s birthday the other week? Or maybe one of your family members had a wedding? You travelled somewhere or went to a concert with all of your friends and of course you made tons of photos to keep your memories. But, few days later you are going to ask them to send your photos. It is quite a hassle to bother yourselves with sharing all the photos between each other. In times like these, you are in need of a simple photo sharing tool that will allow you to easily share the photos. We were searching for an app like that on both of the iOS and Android platforms and we discovered one of the most pleasing and most easy to use. The app that we found is called PicNut. This cross-platform app is developed by PicNut Technology. The developers created its user interface very smooth and cleaned and the graphics even mpicnutore wonderful.

PicNut contains dozens of useful features that will make your sharing photos process much easier. You can freely and privately share hundreds of images with your friends and family from any even you’ve been, such as holidays, weddings, birthdays or even just a casual night out. Just download the app, starr it and signup for free. The registration doesn’t require your email, only your phone number, with which you avoid another lengthy sign up process. Once you’re done, start creating your collections of photos and share them with a specific group of people. The groups are also easy to make. Create a group and just invite others to join it with the exact passcode. You can also share a collection to only one person directly. Within the groups, you can add photos in two different ways, manually or automatically. The auto-add is one of the best things about this app. Set a start and end time to your phone’s camera and the photos will auto add themselves. Besides the auto-add you can use the auto-save option that syncs your PicNut collections with your Dropbox or Google Drive accounts. That way, all of the photos will automatically save in the storage accounts.

picnut 1As an admin of the collection, you can easily make another participant an admin like yourself. The admin can control who can save, share and delete photos from your collection. When someone new joins the collection, share new photos, comment or like within it, you can receive notifications if you want – you can customize them easily. PicNut app works privately and secures all of the shared images and videos in the collections. You can work with it even if you’re offline, as well. Create collection and add photos and videos when you’re offline and they will posted and synced as soon as you’re connected to a Internet network.

With PicNut, event photos and videos sharing is finally made easier. Download the app for free, with no in-app costs. You can find it on both Google Play and on the App Store.