The Internet: A Dangerous Minefield for Kids?

Parenting has suddenly taken on a whole new development. As a natural course of action we keep an eye out on our children as they play on the swings and roundabouts in the park, we watch them like a hawk when they run too close to the sea edge on the beach, we go shopping in the supermarket and keep one eye on the latest bargains on the meat counter and the other on our young teenagers putting unwanted items into our shopping baskets, or wandering off down the wrong aisle. It’s a constant vigilance and we can only relax once we have arrived home to put our feet up and closed the doors behind us. Or is it? 

Technology has come along in leaps and bounds in the last five years and to be honest it has caught most of us off guard. Ten years ago we may have had the family desktop PC which was positioned in the living room or dining room area and we could always keep a watchful eye on little Johnny playing his games; now, kids all have a smartphone of their own and they can access the internet with impunity. Some of do restrict what our kids can access on their iPhone. However do you know the best way on how to set restrictions on an iPhone.

Many of us parents believe our children are safe online and not viewing unsavoury material, but what about trolls, bullies, chat room guest posing as young persons, groomers, scammers and manipulative types who hang around social media?

You might think that just because your child is on Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat or Instagram they are on a trusted site with trusted social interaction – but this is not necessarily so. However, the good news is that there is a software which can help you monitor and protect your children from online activities that are unsuitable for our young.

Familoop Safeguard is software which can block unsafe content and prevent unsavoury search results being displayed and allows you to have total parental controls for iPhone. It also controls social networks like Facebook and Twitter by preventing the child from sharing pictures, video and other content too freely. Familoop Safeguard will let you know by email who your child is communicating with, whether it’s on the phone, in a social network message and who has befriended them on social media sites.

Familoop Safeguard also blocks kids from using age-restricted software and blocks them whether it’s on the home computer, their iOS device or an Android phone. You can also keep a geographic location of the child by setting up a geo-tracker feature. Familoop keeps you in the loop and allows you to proactively parent in today’s new and modern world of technology.