MeKeyboard Designed to Store Information you Often Type

mekeyboardWe all know what it’s like to type our email anytime we are signing in some app on our devices. Or when someone asks for our phone number or address, we have to type it over and over again. Dealing with this can be quite a hassle. If you tired, annoyed and bothered by this and you are looking for some kind of a solution, look no further. We have one of the most useful apps for your device. One of our team members found it searching through the App Store and we can certainly say that this utility can help you forget the inconvenience of typing the same information each time when needed. The app is called MeKeyboard and it is developed by Danielle Mercier and released on the iOS platform.mekeyboard-1

The MeKeyboard app is easy to use, with simple, yet priceless features. Once you download it, you can start it and get to type your own information. It will store and keep any kind of information you can imagine. For example, you can type names, emails, home phone numbers, work numbers, work addresses, and mobiles. Also, you will be allowed to type an additional option and have it listed on the app. All you have to do is open the main menu and easily set up and customize your info. Tap on the icons on the menu and write down whatever is required of you. With MeKeyboard you can type customized messages and auto-signatures, as well. When you are done, save your edits and changes, press on the “done” button and just wait for the chance to use it. So, the next time you will be required of some personal information, like your name, number, email, address, etc. the MeKeyboard app will have your back. Once the info is added in the app, you will never have to type it again and go through that entire struggle again. Simply open the app and it will enter any required information.

mekeyboard-2MeKeyboard will definitely save you up some time and make you forget about typing your info all the time. Who wouldn’t want a utility like that? It is beautifully designed, with clean and friendly user interface and unique features that can make your life easier. You can download and enjoy the app for free, get it from the App Store now.