JotTheDate: A Fun Filled Way To Fill Up Your Calendar

Calendars are dull. They all look the same, despite whatever novelty picture their makers decide to put at the top of every month, and more than that, they’re monotonous. The same lines of scrawled handwriting, over and over again, moving you through life. Even moving from real life calendars to digital calendars has done little to alleviate the dreariness. Add to that the fact that iPhone calendars are simply difficult to use, and it’s a mystery why anyone would bother using calendars at all, and not simply write important stuff down on their hand.  Well, if you’re looking for a calendar that’s easy to use while simultaneously being a pile of fun, look no further than JotTheDate, available now for iOS.

The main appeal of JotTheDate is that it allows you to add events to our calendar by drawing with your finger on the screen. You can scribble down a note, a name, a picture, a smiley face, or even a sad face, if your appointment is with, say, a dentist or a funeral director. You can choose a colour and a brush size, and get creative with the way you plan your life. For instance, if there’s an anniversary coming up, which if you’re of the male species, you might be prone to missing, you can sketch a big, red heart to make sure you’re very aware it’s coming up.

The interface of the app is extremely smooth and very easy to use. You don’t have to use the fiddly keypad of the iPhone or iPad, which saves a lot of bother; you simply write down or draw what you need directly on to the screen with your finger. You can use JotTheDate without an internet connection, and it contains a host of features, including different views (days, weeks, months or years) as well as automatic syncing with your iCloud and assorted iDevices.

It’s also got a neat little feature which lets you skim the pages of the app by ‘flipping’ through them, like you would on iBooks. This also comes with a satisfying song effect, which you can of course turn off, if you don’t like feeling satisfied. All in all, JotTheDate provides a fun, creative way to keep track of your appointments, and your life in general. If you’re a creative person who has an aversion to regular adult monotony, this app is the one for you; alternatively, it can work as an amusing little way to inject some lightheartedness into your hectic schedules.

Make a date with the App Store and start jotting down dates for free today!

Patrick Ryan
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