Stay In Shape With 60 Second Workout Challenge


60 seconds logoIt is 2016 and of course our daily workout routines involve using our devices. When you sum up the time you use it on daily basis, you will come up with a conclusion that if scrolling was an Olympic sport, you can win a medal. We spend too much time staring at our phones and tablets, but that doesn’t mean that your phone can’t get you in shape and help you become healthier. You just have to find the right app that can do that. If you are living a busy lifestyle and you simply don’t have the time to go to the gym or do exercises that last too long, but you still want to get in shape, stay in shape and get healthier, we have the perfect app for you. It is called 60 Second Workout Challenge and it is available on the iOS platform. Developed by Shahid Javid, this fitness app is one of the most popular in the Health & Fitness category. You c60 seconds 3an enjoy it even if you’re offline, anywhere you are, anytime you want. The full-featured, paid version is available here.

The 60 Second Workout Challenge is designed in a very intuitive way, with amazing fitness features. I contains effective 60 second workout program which is easy to follow. Just open the app and challenge yourself for 60 days. Every exercise that the app contains is displayed with a written description and an image that will help you understand it better. Also, there are multiple levels for you to complete, so the more you exercise, the more complex the exercises will become. Try the app and beat the impossible levels and some of the listed world records. There is no resting period required of you, meaning you will be able to have as long or as little rest period between the exercises. Unlike other apps that have regular timer. 60 Second Workout Challenge has a timer with sounds. Instead of checking your device all the time, it will notify you whenever the 60 seconds have passed. The new version of the app has an amazing calendar where you can add your notes and a reminder that will remind you each day to workout, as well.

Forget about buying expensive equipment for your home exercise, motivate yourself with this exciting way of workout. It will both save your precious time and keep you in the best shape of your life. The app is an excellent solution for anyone, especially for those who lead a busy life or need to work out but struggle with having time to do it. If you get this amazing fitness app, you will be able to always carry it around in your pocket and workout anywhere and anytime. Stay motivated with friends and new challenges, challenge yourself 60 seconds for 60 days and get fit by downloading the app from the App Store. It is available in a free and a full version and it is compatible with all of the iOS device.