unWired The Geometric Thinking Game that promotes Spatial Reasoning and Problem Solving skills

unwired iconGames are great source of fun and entertainment, especially if they can challenge us and make us play more and more. Those kinds of games are the puzzle games. The reason you can put down your device and stop playing these games are the simple gratification they offer you for solving the required problem. And when you lose the game and don’t receive the reward you try and try more until you succeed and get it. These puzzle apps within your device can fill up any free time of yours and kill the boring hours you’re having. One of the finest and most challenging puzzle game apps is the one called unWired. This cross-platform game is developed by 01Gravity and it designed with pleasing graphics for your eyes, cool animations and light music that can engage you even more.unwired 1

The unWired game can promote your spatial reasoning and problem solving skills. If you challenge yourself every day with this game, you will definitely make your way of success in all areas of your life. It requires your patience, your solving skills and your concentration. So, make sure you try and be aware of what you’re capabilities are. The gameplay of unwired is simple, but in case you can’t manage it, you can follow the features instructions. Just read the Learn Basics and learn how to play. Basically, your main goal is to solve the puzzle by dragging the dots with your fingers and get all of the lines untangled. The puzzle contains multiple dots and lines. Some of the lines are colored red because they are overlapping themselves. So, make sure you untangle the lines in order to get higher scores and pass the level. There are 222 levels, each of them with different difficulty. This is what actually makes the game so challenging! Try to untangle the lines that are overlapping and complete as many levels as you can. Also, you can collect and be awarded with free coins if you solve the puzzle fast. The coins can be used to buy some amazing power-ups from the game’s store and use them for magic potions that unwiredcan stop the ticking clock, for destroying multiple dots, for skipping a level you find difficult, and many more. While playing and solving a puzzle, you can create a greater mess of tangled lines, but don’t worry, you can always reset the level and try all over again.

unWired features carefully handcrafted 222 puzzle designs for each level, with a smooth learning curve. Prepare yourself to be challenged, improve your untangling skills and keep track of the time. Complete as many levels as you can, make higher scores and get as far as you can. Share the game with all of your friends and family members if you want to share the fun and download it for free from the App Store or from Google Play.