NeonMob: Etsy x CCGs = Something Very Cool

Collectable card games have always been a bit of a phenomenon. Since their introduction in 1993, they’ve been a hit with collectors and players alike. Magic: The Gathering would be the staple CCG still going strong with fans all over the world; but other series like Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh and Star Wars have managed to carve a niche for them selves in recent years. And like most other games and hobbies, collectible card games have wasted no time in going digital; NeonMob launched in 2012 as the premiere digital CCG on the block. Combining thousands of pieces of homemade user art with the format of a tradable card game, NeonMob was an instant hit with players, and due to popular demand, have now released a mobile app, free and out now for iOS.

The main idea behind NeonMob is a little slice of genius. Anybody who’s dipped a toe into sites like DeviantArt or Behance knows that there is a visual feast of stunning artwork available on the internet, created by artists who otherwise wouldn’t get a chance to display their work. NeonMob fuses these imaginative pieces into the genre of a CCG, creating as they do a kind of Etsy of CCGs. The pleasure here is twofold; players get to collect and trade digital cards with varying degrees of rarity, while simultaneously discovering fantastic pieces of art.

The mechanics behind digital collecting are a proven hit with app-users; blisteringly successful apps like Star Wars Card Trader, Neko Atsume and Hearthstone all use the same basic engine. What NeonMob does is a little cleverer and a little more creative. The art on display here is something really special. The themes range from superheroes and science fiction to cute little characters and abstract pieces; you can pick up everything from mythical beasts to awe-inspiring landscapes. The cards have varying degrees of rarity, and if you get lucky and pick up something seriously rare, you can trade it with other players for a card you’re really after.

The iOS app version of the game also includes a host of cool features. You receive ten free packs of cards to open a day, which will no doubt keep you coming back for more. Like most card games, NeonMob is addictive. It’s also highly stimulating, visually and creatively; the creators behind the game have come up with something really special, that’s both a pleasure to collect and a pleasure to play. If you’re a fan of collectable card games in real life, or even if you’re just a fan of sumptuous art you otherwise wouldn’t have the chance to see, check out NeonMob. If you’re both of the above, check it out without delay.

Head over to the App Store and kick start your collection for free today!

Patrick Ryan
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