Vote for Oozzat?!: The Only Secure Messenger


Mobile messaging is a convenient tool for many people across the world. We use it daily, firing messages back and forth, usually for free. Everyone’s on it, from your best friends to your Mum. But what really happens to all those millions of messages that are sent every day? And not just messages; pictures and videos are prevalent too. There’s a good chance you’ve sent or said some pretty inflammatory stuff (who hasn’t), that taken out of context could come across pretty poorly. Are you sure all of that stuff has gone for good? Well, if you use Oozzat?! you can be sure. It’s a free messaging that service that uses end to end encryption to ensure your privacy, and it’s currently looking to win some funding via Virgin Media’s VOOM opportunity.

Oozzat?! (cockney for ‘who’s that’?) launched early last year, and we reviewed it back in March. We found it a very convincing service for those concerned about privacy, and its commitment to not selling any of your information on to insidious third parties was very attractive. It also features anonymous messaging as an optional feature, so if you like playing games with your friends, Oozzat?! is the messaging service for you.

Oozzat?! is currently in an entrepreneurial-themed competition to win a share of €1.2 million in funding, courtesy of Richard Branson and Virgin Media. They have a pitch live on the VOOM website, which you can check out now and give them a vote. If they receive enough votes to crack the top six on the leaderboard, they’ll go through to the final and get to pitch their product in front of Mr. Branson himself, who will then determine who gets the moolah.

Data-protection is a major concern in our contemporary world, and Oozzat?! is taking major steps to address these concerns. Everyone should have the right to communicate in a private manner, a principle that seems to get quickly abandoned when it comes to the digital world. By voting for Oozzat?! you’ll be voting for a progressive app that takes privacy seriously; giving it a chance to develop further and provide and even more secure service.

Hit this link to check out their pitch and get voting now!

Patrick Ryan
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