Save Money for Your Next Travel Destination With VaPay

VaPay4Many of us tried to save up some money for the vacation we’ve always dreamed of, but it doesn’t always end like that. Either we can’t succeed in our saving money plans or we simply spend them on something we don’t even need. Remember when you were little how your parents taught you to use a small piggy bank and save some money? Well, we’re all grown up now, but we still need that piggy bank in order to go to any future vacation or special event. Living in the era of phones and all kind of technology, we tried to find a virtual saving money tool and we succeeded. Searching through the App Store, we discovered an amazing app that can help us save some money. The app that we’re talking about is called VaPay (short for Vacation Pay), it is developed by Vapay, llc. and it is one of the finest apps in the Finance category on the iOS platform. If you are looking for a simple way of saving some money, this app is certainly what you need.

The VaPay app works in a very simple way. The basic saving feature of it is rounding up. Every time you use your debit carVaPay2d or every time you make a payment with your checking account, the app will round up each transaction to the nearest dollar and then transfer the spare change automatically to your previously created VaPay personal account. So, the first thing you have to do after you download the app is to create your own VaPay account. This can be done within three simple steps. First enter your username and your password and then register your current active checking account. Then use your debit card as you usually do and let VaPay do all the savings for you. There are other features and tools that can help you save money and reach your goals. For example, if you have extra cash and you don’t want to spend it on something you don’t even need, you can make one-time transfer to your VaPay account and save them before you get the urge to spend it. You can also set up a monthly recurring payment and add up as much money as you want to and manually transfer funds to your savings account. You will be able to pause and resume the saving process anytime you like, as well.

VaPay is currently available and it is successfully working with 8 US Banks: America First Credit Union, Bank of America, Chase, US Bank, Wells Fargo, Goldenwest Credit Union, Mountain America Credit Union and USAA. If you still wonder why to choose this app to be your everyday saving money helper, note that you will be protected with the highest levels of security and that you will be involved in the VaPay charity and help organizations that are truly in need.

Round up each purchase you make and put the extra change away and use the saved money for a vacation. VaPay is compatible with all of the iOS devices, it is soon coming on Google Play and it can be downloaded for free from the App Store.