Play the Most Realistic Blackjack Game in the AppStore – BC Blackjack

bc-blackjackBC Blackjack is one of those apps that made us look at it and think, “Oh no, not another gambling and casino game” but this was one that had a powerful and dynamic difference to your run of the mills games you’d play in the casinos. BC Blackjack has graphics that we found revolutionized the experience of playing the popular card game on an iPhone or iPad.

We noticed right away how the cards were much bigger than the tiny cards you would normally see on similar apps, the graphics were entirely revamped to make it look, feel and play easier. BC Blackjack has large-sized cards that will allow the player to see right away what the card being played actually is.

We found there was a lot more to just playing blackjack and looking at decent-sized playing cards, chips that fall beautifully fromblackjack the croupier’s hands, 3D viewing experiences and wonderfully rendered tables that are just so easy on the eye – oh no, there is also a strategy learning tool embedded in the game that helps blackjack junkies get better at the game we all love.

The training tool within the game allows you to take the blackjack experience to the next level. We found it worked beautifully regardless of the level you were at. And then you have the pay-out (and paying in) experience, which emulates the exact method one might experience in a real casino.

To get rid of the annoying ads you will need to upgrade to the pro-version and we did find there were too many irritating features that forced players to upgrade. Trying to play the higher limit tables and win big does mean an upgrade; practising in the easy, moderate and difficult modes can only be done if you upgrade; faster dealing is also a feature which comes only with the upgraded premium version and you’ll also want to customise your table settings, so upgrading is once more an essential thing to do if you want to play the game the way it should be played.

There is a standard feature in the free version which we found to be very appealing – the basic strategy charts feature, not only the current blackjack games are logged but the entire history is there too, this allow you to work out a play strategy to better your game. Overall, we enjoyed playing BC Blackjack especially as there no waiting around for chips and you can start a new game at any time you want.