Best Apps for Learning Blackjack

The game of Blackjack is favorite amongst casino players. It is fast, it is exciting and it can net you some big wins. Over the years Blackjack has evolved and has taken on many forms though the original is still beloved by many to this day.

If you are a newcomer to the world of table games, you might want to start off with Blackjack since this is a simple game at first glance – hit 21 and you win. That is until you start to realize things aren’t as easy as they appear. You must know when to stand, when to hit and when to fold. It is also very important to note that you aren’t in for that perfect 21 hit – oh no. It is about beating the bank. So, how best and fastest to learn all there is to know about Blackjack? Sit back and read on for we have gathered a list of the best mobile blackjack apps for your iOS device which you can utilize for both learning and playing Blackjack. You can also stop by and check out our top Australian iPhone casinos if you want to find out more casino games besides Blackjack. Let’s begin!

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Blackjack 21 Pro

This is a great app for both beginners and advanced Blackjack players. You can select from a variety of play styles, set rules as you go and you can even ask for tips as you play. The graphics are nice and colorful and you can you gesture controls so everything feels smoothe and kind of immersive. There’s even a lesson on how to count cards if that’s more your thing though we wouldn’t recommend it out of hand because you might get kicked out of a casino if you try it there.

Blackjack Strategy Practice

An app by WFT Productions, Blackjack Strategy Practice is exactly that – a nice app that will allow you a plethora of practice and entertainment while learning to play Blackjack. The interface is easy to get into and all your options are available before hand. You can learn a very interesting strategy that doesn’t involve counting cards, you can check upon your stats as you play and even customize your hand types and tables.

Blackjack 101 Free

This app may have a slightly “archaic” look but looks aren’t evertyhing – under its design you will find a real wealth of knowledge that will help you become a Blackjack pro in no time. Not only does Blackjack 101 offer lessons from the get go (how, when and why you should raise, hit, double down and more) but it is also incredibly specific in its lessons (detailed statistics from every single hand can be found so you can compare your performance). Oh and there’s support for left and right handed players which is an excellent touch.

Blackjack Card Counting

We already mentioned card counting and we do not recommend it but Blackjack Card Counting isn’t your average app for learning how to count cards. It is a virtual Blackjack simulator which contains a ton of variable options and situations which are up to you to resolve. It is also great at presenting its game play thanks to the shuffle feature (which you can do by shaking the device), and you can also pick the number of decks, and learn about numerous counting strategies.

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Ultimate Blackjack Reloaded

As the name suggests, this is the ultimate learning app for Blackjack – it is built with quality in mind so every menu, sound and lesson is top notch. There is the inclusion of Tutors which is a unique option, each with a unique skill set and tactics, as well as achievements and leader boards for the adventurous types.