Temple Thief iPhone App Review

temple thief iconLately, the appearance of games with eye-catching visual, impressive plot have created a new game trending. However, these kinds of game often cost expensively or take players so much time to finish. Therefore, the traditional mini games still retain its position in the hearts of many people who like playing games but do not have much free time. Searching through the App Store and Google Play, there are a lot of different types of interesting mini games. Though, there is a game that you can’t miss – Temple Thief.

Temple Thief is about an archaeologist who interested in looking for and excavating treasures from the temple thief 1 relics of humanity.  After spending a long period of time researching, he finally finds out the information about a temple located in South Egypt which contains thousands of priceless treasures. Unfortunately, the wardens of the temple would not let Mr Dee take these treasures easily. The traps keep appearing on his way back. Mr Dee has no choice but deal with these trap as well as exit the temple along with the treasures.

The gameplay of Temple Thief is really simple. The screen will be constantly moving upward and all you have to do are tilt your phone to control your character and tap on the screen to shoot in order to deal with the organs as well as the monsters inside the temple. However, it is never be too redundant to be careful with the unexpected pitfalls otherwise you have to say goodbye to your high score. Skill will help you a lot in this game. In addition, people with quick reaction also have many advantages.

Friendly graphics of Temple Thief will provide players with pleasing and relaxing feelings regardless graphics are not the strong point of Temple Thief. The hugest plus point of Temple Thief is the higher score you get, the more dangerous and troublesome traps will appear. However, this is not only does not cause any annoyance but also creates sense of challenge. Besides, the funny background music which reminds the mini games of old days is pretty ear-catching and also a big plus point.

temple thief 2By playing this game, you not only can relax your mind and enjoy entertaining moments but also is useful for improving your reactive ability as well as the flexibility of the hand. It’s time to forget all the stress which come from your busy life, spend a little time for leisure activities. So guys, what are you waiting for? Let’s download this fantastic game immediately and challenge yourself. If it’s still not enough, how about challenge your friends? Temple Thief is compatible with all of your devices and can be downloaded from both App Store and Android, where it is free of charge.