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regular.liManaging and tracking attendance can be quite a hassle. There are many tools that can help us, but they are either expensive or require too much. Using card entry systems is expensive and using manual registers can be annoying and complicated. That is why we need something simple and cheap, yet with powerful features that can help us easily manage and track attendance, Because we live in an era where everybody has a smartphone, tablet or a PC, we tried to find an app that provides with these things we need. Searching through the App Store ad through Google Play, we bumped into an amazing business app called This attendance tracking app is developed by AVIFA Infotech Private Limited and it is now available for all Android and iOS users. amazed us with its incredible design and graphics, with its clean user interface and of course, its integrated powerful features.regularli3

The app is a perfect match for anyone dealing with attendance. Managing attendance has never been easier! So, if you want to have complete control of everything and keep everything organized ad in order, we highly recommend you get it now. After you download, all you have to do is create your profile and then you can start enjoying the live dashboard, the detailed monthly reports, the built-in leave and holiday management system and more. Your users can check in by clicking one button from their devices. You can view the check-ins and all of the other actions right from your phone, tablet or computer. So, it doesn’t require any additional hardware. With the live dashboard you can see who is in, who is late and other useful information about your users.

At the end of each month, you will receive detailed reports that can be easily exported to your email. No more struggles at the end of the month, simply download the detailed reports, charts, summaries and OnTime scores. Track day to day arrival times and always know everything. The featured leave and holiday management systems are also incredible. Forget about using letters, your users can now request a leave from their device only and you can manage them anywhere you are, anytime you want. regularli5The holiday management is super-easy, meaning you will be able to create and manage them in all-in-one dashboard. is keeping everything secured by making sure your users are inside your premises when checking-in. The security system features WifiSSID, PhotoID, GeoSeal GPS and fingerprint. The PhotoID takes a selfie with every check-in, so you can click it whenever someone checks-in, the GeoSeal allows the users to check-in when inside a specific location like your office for example, the WifiSSID security allows check-ins only when connected to your selected Wi-Fi and the support for fingerprint scanner in phones or third-party finger print scanners for PCs only adds to the security levels.

The app looks amazing on all Android and iOS devices and it is 100% free for download. Get it now from the App Store or check the explanatory video here.