Flappy Ball – Entertaining Combination of Flappy Bird and Color Switch

flappy ball34

Flappy Ball2When we need to kill some time or make our time more enjoyable, we often turn to games. One of the most entertaining types of games are the ones that involve action and adventure. This combination is proven to provide the players with unlimited fun. Searching through the App Store and Google Play, we discovered a fun-filled game that addicted us to the fullest. This cross-platform game that really amazed is called Flappy Ball. It has been launched for the iOS platform and it is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and requires iOS 8.0 or up.

This game is a concept made from the famous Flappy Bird and the Color Switch game. But, Flappy Ball has its own twist of the gameplay which adds up to the fun and the addictiveness of the game. The developer, Henry Zeng, had one thing in mind and that is to test your brain skills and to put you under pressure. Can you keep calm and make higher scores? The goal of Flappy Ball is simple, but not easy to play. It is made faster than any other color switching game. You play with the little color switching ball and your main goal is to tap on it in order to go through the colored wall. The wall is actually colored and you will be able to go through them only in the spots which are colored the same as your ball. Try not to touch any other color or you will lose the game. But the game features an endless repeat button, so you will be allowed to get higher scores with each try. That means each time you play, you are going to be able to improve your focus and skills.

This addictive and infinite game with smooth and crazy gameplay requires only your attentive mind and fast fingers. Try to score higher and climb up between the best players on the game’s leaderboard. It will improve your focus, concentration, and eye-to-finger coordination. Just time your hits, touch and tap the colored ball to keep it moving. Challenge yourself with this incredible game and become the master of playing games. With lovely graphics and engaging sound effects, this game is available as a free version on the App Store.