Manage Your Portfolio Smartly With StockStation

stock stationDealing with your finances can be quite a struggle. It can get messy and unorganized and that’s the most annoying part. This is the main reason why we need some tool that will help us and keep things organized and in order and one that will have all the things we need stored in one place. When we were searching for an app like that through the Finance category on the App Store, we discovered an amazing app, called StockStation. This finance app is developed by Mobile Interactive and it is now available for all the iOS users. If you need an app that can help you make smart trade decisions, StockStation is a must for you! It is designed with great graphics and friendly user interface.

This incredible app is all in one market solution for all your financial interests. It contains dozens of features which are excellently organized, so you will be able to manage it with an ease. The app’s tools include real-time advanced stock quotes (change, %, bid, bid size, ask, ask size, OHLC, volume, company) and advanced charts, live news, notes, etc. First, download the app and then you will have access to advanced charts that has tons of moving averages, technical indicators, price bands, overlay bars, Fibonacci lines and many more. StockStation provides with powerful portfolio management and strong portfolio personalization. The app has customized and great screening and scanning with technical and fundamental scanners. It is lightening fast and it allows you to enjoy many interactive options, such as chart and data visualization. Also, there are different options strategies built-in (spread,butterfly,straddle,strangle,iron condor,etc). You can stay notified and alerted by pushing notifications, watch live news and write notes personalized to your needs and likings. StockStation features various types of comprehensive calendars, like dividend calendar, IPO calendar, economic and split calendar.stock1

Just create your portfolio or easily create more than one and have unlimited stock, options and strategies within your device. You can auto-refresh it, use its charts and personalize it. There are built-in presets for options strategies, such as covered call, call/put/calendar spread, butterfly, straddle, strangle, iron condor, and more. StockStation is a powerful screener that has almost infinite screening criteria and it get the screening done in just one touch. Besides, your portfolio will be Cloud synced and will be protected by a touch ID. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy a cloud-sync portfolio, right?

The StockStation app provides with tons of built-in options that allow you to plan your finances and develop smart strategies. It requires iOS 6.0 or later and it compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. You can either download the app for free or get it along with the in-app purchases that will remove the ads and offer you more advanced features. You can find it on the App Store.

App Store Download Link: StockStation