Schedule and Book Clients With the Easy to Use Salon Manager MyCuts

mycuts2If you are a salon owner, you know how hard it can get sometimes, with all of those appointments and schedules, it can get unorganized and messy and you can lose some of your clients. That is why you need some tool that can help you organize everything and get things in order. Searching through the Business category on the App Store, one of our staff members discovered an amazing salon scheduling app, called MyCuts. If you want to effortlessly and accurately automate your salon, this is the perfect choice for you. It is designed for both iPhone and iPad, it is user friendly and it contains multiple features that can save your time, your money and keep your clients.

The MyCuts app is an extremely helpful iOS app that can save your time by booking appointments, tracking your inventory and make you focus on your clients even more. First, you have to download it and then start scheduling appointments, managing your clients and tracking your inventory. It features a calendar where you can add and schedule your appointments. It has never been easier! Forget about spending your money and allow this app to help you with its automatic email appointment confirmations and reminders, with easy rebooking of any appointment you already scheduled, with simple filtering, etc. You can filter your clients by scheduled or unscheduled or by their name. In that way, you will always have access and view which of the appointments are current, upcoming or completed. You will also be able to gather detailed information about your clients, such as email, phone numbers, occupation, mailing address, etc. Another amazing features is the inventory tracking. Search through your inventory by item name, filter by stocked, low or reorder, view your stock, target stock and reorder level. If you want to remove or add stock to your inventory, you can do that too. Every item you add can be entered along with its name, category, supplier, price and more.MyCuts2a

If you’re asking yourself why you should choose MyCuts for automating your salon, you should note that it doesn’t feature any trial, no credit cards, it is completely free. You can always upgrade your account and have unlimited inventory, unlimited appointments and unlimited services. With this app, you also get maximum security, meaning if you somehow lose your device or it gets stolen, all of the data you have in it will be safe and secure on the app’s servers. The new version has many more incredible features and it only requires iOS 7.0 or later. MyCuts looks stunning on every iOS device, it can boost the productivity and the profit of your salon and even increase client retention and referrals. Try it now by downloading it from the App Store, where it is 100% free of charge!