StayGo – Find out faster if there’s harmony in your match

staygo-appStayGo is an app like no other we have seen before. It works out whether you are compatible with a certain person or potential lover by using a combination of science and social media. You could say it’s a kind of matchmaking app.

We sought this out to see if it works: the first stage is for the app to sort out your SG score. An SG score is a score known more fully as a “Stay Go Score” and it wants to know about all your current partner’s information to determine via 20 different categories whether the two of you are likely to stay together for a long and happy future. And yes, this app is for partners currently in a relationship as well.

So what good is this app for those seeking love? We discovered that it’ supposed to work whether you have just met your staygopartner, or have been together for several years. If there’s harmony in your relationship then StayGo will predict your chances of being together for years to come, or perhaps, it might forewarn of troubled waters ahead.

We are quite certain Joe Strummer of 70s punk band The Clash would have loved to have had this technology at his fingertips, when he once asked, “Should I stay or should I go?” So, how do these people work it out, you may well be asking?

The first stage is to get that SG score. Tell the app all about your current partner and it will be graded within 20 different categories. And, moreover, you could ask your family, friends and even your partner (anonymously of course) what they really think of your relationship with them?

staygo 2However, we found StayGo was really effective to those people using dating and matchmaking sites like Yahoo Match, Tinder, Bumble, Plenty of Fish and eHarmony. Online dating can be very bad at revealing whether or not a person will be your dream match – StayGo can take away some of the frustration behind the search for Mr or Mrs Right.

We wouldn’t use it as the last word on whether you should stay or go, but it does give us a helpful insight and a first opinion on an important matter like relationships. Knowing whether you are compatible with a certain person can be daunting to find out, but StayGo will give you a head up, if nothing else.