Share, express and inspire with Lili Social

lili1One of the most popular categories of apps these days are social networking apps. They provide us with both entertainment and interaction with people across the globe and they are the one that connect us with everything that is going on around us. There are many social apps on the market these days, making the category over-crowded. We all use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. and we quite enjoy it, but sometimes we need something new, something that will mix it all up. We tried to find an app like that, an app that contains authentic features. There isn’t any social networking app focused on sharing things you are passionate about.

Going through the App Store we bumped into an amazing social networking app and because we were stunned of its offerings, we decLili Social 3ided to share our opinion and experience about it today with all of you. The app that got us all hyped is called Lili Social, developed and designed by Social Media Group and released not too long ago on the iOS platform. Now, all of the iOS users can enjoy this app and be able to experience something they’ve never experienced before. Lili Social is created with friendly user interface and great graphics, so you will be able to handle it with an ease.

In order to have Lili Social in your pocket, you have to download it and sign up. You can even sign up with your Facebook account. Then, you can create, share and publish lists about anything you love the most. Write a list about anything and share it with the whole world. The lili2lists are easy to make and they are one of the best ways to share what’s important in a concise and visual experience. By creating a list with this app you promote your knowledge and share your favorite restaurants, coffee shops, reading lists, music, movies, places you’ve been, etc.

Every experience in your life can now be shared with your group of followers. Follow as many people as you can and let them follow you. In that way, you can view other people lists and discover new things that might interest you. You can make your lists either public or private. If they are public, they can be viewed by anyone and if they are private, only your friends can see them. Create and share SEO friendly web and app lists and join this new social community that will make your life more interesting. You will get notifications and be alerted when new lists are published by people or topics that you are interest in.

Share your lists with the world and find out what the world thinks. You can like, comment and relist any list you see and your followers can do the same thing on your lists. Lili Social is compatible with both iPad and iPhone and it can be downloaded for free. Get it from the App Store now and join the community of sharing lists about the things you care the most.