Quick Email – Fast, smooth and simple email management

quick email logoYou are familiar with the struggle of constantly writing the same subjects of your emails, right? Or the annoyance of searching through your address book whenever you need to send an email to someone? Yes, it is complicated and slow process sometimes. Most of the email apps are either too slow, lack features or are complicated.  Why entering the same address repeatedly? Why hunt through your contact list to find the email you need? As we want to make it easier for our readers today we’ll talk about one of the best email apps. App that enables simplicity and speed. The name of the app is Quick Email, developed by Godai Group LLC and is compatible with both iPhone and iPad.

The features of the Quick Email app are excellently organized. The app itself is user friendly, so you will quickly and effortlessly learn how to use it. When you download it, you will see that it is one of the easiest and fastest ways of sending your email. All you have to do is enter the subjects and the recipients in advance. Forget about writing them again and again every time when you need to send an email to someone. You can even send an email to yourself. Sometimes, you see something interesting when browsing the web and you need to save it. How? Well. With Quick Email you can send anything to yourself, from links to notes.quick email 45

We take the responsibility to claim that this is one of the simplest ways of sending an email because it saves you the time by letting you create your own message templates in advance. You don’t have to open any other mail app that you have in your device. Send email quickly, anytime you want, anywhere you are. Send it to yourself, to an individual or to a certain group of people. Use the app as a share client, share links, notes, messages, tasks, to do lists, and much more easily through email. Create the templates once and use them whenever needed. The app supports Yahoo, Google Gmail, Hotmail, Ymail and other services with a built-in on SMTP client.

Simplify your email sending process with Quick Email. It is smart, smooth and designed with intuitive user experience. Send your emails without repeatedly writing the subjects and the recipients and enjoy quick and stress-free productivity app. Download it now from the App Store, it is available for only $1.99.