Destroy Walls with Ronald Drumpf

ronald 2Today we are gladly presenting to you a new and exciting game that will definitely sweep you off your feet. A fun and interesting way to spend quality time on your device. This game is called Ronald Drumpf – created and designed by Harold Mintah. It has been launched not too long ago for both iOS and Android platforms. It offers the users a simple and easy gameplay, amazing features and a friendly user interface with great graphics. This game is a guaranteed fun way to spend fun time with your device while the presidential elections are still running.

As soon as you download and open the game, you are going to notice how smoothly it is designed. At first, you may think that the gameplay is easy, but don’t be so surprised when you continue to play and find out that it gets more challenging each time you play. You as a player need to throw “knowledge” and positivity at Ronald’s supporters and the wall he has built. Be kind but at the same time punish them with kindness and prove them that violence is not the answer. The controlling options are very easy, just simply hold your finger down and the option auto throw will immediately activate.RD

Just make sure to avoid any obstacles that will appear on your way and try to make you fail your mission and lose points. Each time you play you are going to be able to make a new score and compete with other users from all around the world and top at the rating lists of the game. Besides being able to compete and challenge other players, you will be able to improve your focus and coordination skills. All you need to do is think and act fast before Ronald spreads his big wall of hate and negativity around.

Think and act fast, but don’t even think about giving up on this new and challenging game that will give you a totally different point of view of games related to the elections. This game will make you addicted as ever and the best part is that you won’t even ask how to quit playing. Yes, it’s that good and challenging. Share this game around with your friends and coworkers and try to tear down Ronald’s wall. Ronald Drumpf can be downloaded now for free on the App Store and Google Play.