4 Costly Mistakes That Could Turn Your App Into A Dud!

There’s apps that are so popular amongst users that the number of downloads reaches staggering numbers within a few days. And then there are those that have no popularity either due to poor user engagement, low discoverability or simply because the idea behind the app isn’t novel! Nobody wishes to have a dud app and as an iOS application development company, we know how important it is that your app fares well for your business! We have identified a few crucial factors that can help you cross the finish line triumphantly; read on to learn more.

Novelty reigns; cutting edge executions ensure success

You need to have a concept that is unique, novel and creative; period! Being a leading iOS application development company, we always insist on brainstorming and only go ahead with an app development when the idea behind it is creative. Packaging your app in the most attractive way and coming up with a design that is edgy and appealing to the user is as important as the idea itself. If you wish for a successful app, make sure that you focus on these two pivotal things first!

Categorize your app with care

Well, this is quite important! After all, with extensive numbers of apps flooding the App Store, you need to have one stands out and also ensure that there isn’t much competition. If your app qualifies under many categories, choose the ones that offer less competition and analyze the data related to categorization with care before you enter the market. As leading Swift App Developers, we strongly recommend that you do so; seek professional help if need be (this is quite important for your app’s success!).

Analytics holds the key to roaring success

What most developers don’t understand (and they very much need to) is that the search on App Store isn’t quite similar to that of web searches. Though there are similarities, there are some differences too! SEO and keywords help here too but there are a few differences and understanding them is important to ensure that your app doesn’t violate any policy or doesn’t get a low rank! Apps are popular and discoverable based on downloads. We recommend that you go through the App analytics on all popular platforms (Google Play Store and App Store) to ensure that you stay on top of this! We do this religiously as a leading iOS Application Development Company and this sure helps with our app’s ranking!

Marketing as always plays a crucial role

With apps too marketing is very important; only you have to find the right medium to market it! As experts in mobile marketing, we have a lot of experience when it comes to the marketing content and the strategy involved. We are Swift App developers who have enjoyed a lot of success with mobile marketing. Trust us, when we tell you that timing and the content are everything when it comes to marketing your app as is choosing the right medium. We recommend that you study the scenario, have a plan in place and then proceed to market your app. Exploit social media platforms, YouTube and other popular forums to ensure that you reach out to your target audience by means of all the media.

Now that we have outlined the four crucial mistakes that developers usually don’t concentrate upon, we hope that you do pay heed and ensure that your app is a raging success and not a dud! In our experience, these four factors contribute to an app’s popularity and discoverability; be sure to keep these in mind while developing your own app!