Game Review – Trivia Search

trivia search logoRemember when we were kids and we often took our parents’ newspapers, found the crosswords in it and searched tediously for the correct words to circle? It was fun, right? Well, there is no more need for you to flip through pages and get newspaper marks on your fingers, because now they are again introduced to us but in a much better way – on our phones and tablets. Word addicts unite! The word gaming apps are spreading so fast lately. There a tons of them out there, and we’re sure you’ve found many of them already, but in case you haven’t, we narrowed down the huge list and offer you the one we liked the most – Trivia Search.

Here, at our loving office, the word games are adored. At least with these apps, you won’t have to feel too guilty about your gaming habits because you’ll be using your brain! If you have time to kill, word games on your mobile phone are always a great option because they help to build your vocabulary as well as make you more comfortable using new words. These games can be wonderful exercise for the brain, no matter what age you are. Increasing your vocabulary and expanding your knowledge is a smart and fun hobby.trivia search32

The game that amazed us the most and got us all hyped up is called Trivia Search, developed and created by BigBelly Productions and released on both Android and iOS platforms. It is simple, designed with great graphics, tidy user interface and fun sound effects. Besides it is compatible with both Android phones and tablets and both iPhone and iPad.

The gameplay of the Trivia Search game will certainly put your brain to a test, enhance your brainpower and challenge you to the fullest. When you start playing it, you will think that it is easy to play, until you play through some of the levels and realize just how challenging it is and how harder it gets. Your main goal is to solve the offered anagrams, word puzzles and quiz questions in order to win and reach higher levels. The game features more than 500 levels, each one of them created with increasing difficulty and increasing puzzle grids. Try to win as many levels as you can and be the best player ever! If you need some additional help, you can purchase hints. With these in-app purchases you can get 20, 45, 125 and 200 hints to help you out.

Swipe on the puzzle grid on your display and find the letters to form the required word and earn some extra rewards with the bonus questions that appear from time to time.  Whether you’re an anagram master, a spelling sensation, or a grammar wizard, if you are a crossword, trivia and word search lover, you will have fun with the Trivia Search game and you will work out your brain. Download it today, it available for free on the App Store.