Reach For The Skies: Learning On A Jet Plane

Kids love messing around on iPads, and the common consensus is to start them off as early as possible, because Apple is the way of the future, don’t you know. But, as a parent, you may find yourself worrying about whether or not your child is getting the right amount of educational stimulus from these seemingly mind-numbing games. The bad news is, when it comes to Angry Birds or Candy Crush, probably not. The good news is, there are games that provide both entertainment and learning. One of these nifty little apps is called Reach for the Skies, a game specifically focused on promoting your kids’ educational growth, combined with having a great time. It’s also free, and out now on iOS and Android.

Reach for the Skies is, possibly obviously, a game that takes place entirely in the sky. Flying objects are the name of the game here; you manoeuvre your choice of air vehicle across an obstacle course of hazards, collecting coins and answering questions as you go in order to replenish your fuel supplies. You’ve got planes, balloons and zeppelins to choose from (and let’s be honest, who’s going to choose the balloon…), and the courses are varied and challenging.

The educational benefits of Reach for the Skies are twofold; firstly, the trivia questions cover a broad range of subjects, including maths, geography and nature, with the app featuring over 2,000 different questions. The trivia is designed for kids and youngsters, though the developers are keen to stress that it’s not just an app for kids. They’ve got a point; even the easiest questions become challenging when you’re under time pressure, and it can be quite addictive seeing how much you remember from ‘the best days of your life’. The second benefit of the app works for both kids and grown-ups alike; these flying machines move fast, so fast that every session on the app is a workout for your reaction time and cognitive ability (parents, don’t be ashamed if the kids outclass you on this one).

Finally, the app is absolutely gorgeous to look at. The developers have gone above and beyond with the graphics, with bright colours and lush backdrops the order of the day, which are especially prominent when played on iPad. The game handles smoothly, and the interface is simple and intuitive to navigate. All in all, Reach for the Skies is a fun, comprehensive little app that can benefit kids and adults alike, while bridging the gap between fun and learning.

Take off for the App Store or Google Play and throw on your pilot’s hat for free today!

Patrick Ryan
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