Review: Box Island – Award Winning Coding Adventure for Kids

box-island-appBox Island is for children of all ages and takes them on an adventure into the fundamentals of coding. Coding is known to be a challenging and difficult topic to muddle through, so how does one get the children to learn this challenging subject? The answer has to be Box Island.

Box Island teaches kids the fundamentals of coding and your younger ones simply apply the very basics. That means loops and conditionals while the younger ones sit back at engage in challenging gameplay based on the variables they have inputted.

What we liked about Box Island were the graphics. Steeped in beautiful 3D gaming and animation style looks, it has that professional look and feel about it. There are 100 levels to play with too, although only the first 10 levels are actually free.


It is the journey the app takes your children on that keeps them intrigued and focussed. The entire game is motivational and interesting, while keeping the rather mundane topic of coding as its main source of tuition. All in all, it’s a rather clever way of teaching kids the fundamentals of coding. We know that if we were ever taught such a complex topic at school, we would have rather it been performed by this method.

Coding has several basic fundamentals and the introduction to the subject is covered by showing younger ones how to use algorithms and thinking in that field, pattern recognition, sequencing, debugging and of course, those loops and conditionals.

The thing about computers is learning how they work, which in turn makes you think more logically and with greater power of thought. It truly is a special way to get kids thinking on their feet. We reckon learning coding is akin to learning a new language with all the mental benefits it brings. We all take for granted that learning to read and write is a necessary tool of life, but programming is fast becoming a reality of teaching that will one day be a necessary tool in life.

Box Island provides children with the best coding experience possible, and it does so in such a way as to help kids keep momentum and interest in a subject they would normally baulk at. It’s one of those games you genuinely believe won’t engage your kids, but you’d be surprised to learn they will soon become addicted.