Crab War Unleashes the Swarm on iOS and Android

If you thought crabs were innocent, sea dwellers, think again. In the Crab War App they’ve been exposed to a powerful crystal radiation that is slowly altering swarms of them into fierce, blood-thirsty monsters and they’re seeking vengeance against the brutish reptiles that forced them into hiding.

This mobile app is more than just a clicker game, it offers striking content and real customisable game play.

Strategize your swarm of crabs through the vast variety of evolution paths, abilities and mutations.

The 50 equally terrifying reptiles are a challenging, watch out for their giant thrashing tongues that can destroy your entire army.

This game isn’t about panicking and sending your finger on a crazy, tapping frenzy. With thought and strategy you stand a better chance against the huge, ugly reptiles that loom over you at three times your size.

There are more than 80 crabs to play with, each one is unique designed and they all have access to up to 6 powerful abilities and 18 different talents. Not to mention the chance swap and change, you have the power of evolution at your fingertip.

Just when you think the game couldn’t get any weirder, it introduces some very unlikely partnerships. As you progress new characters are introduced, join forces with the deadly golden ray. He’s got your back and he’s not afraid to use his tail against your scaly opponent.

Every level offers the chance to gain rewards and strength your swarm. Resurface from hiding with powerful mutations and shaper claws, reclaim the beautiful homeland you fight in.

Join the fight by downloading Crab War for iPhone and Android now!

Evolution-emerald wildebeast iPad Screenshot 5 Golden Ray