Take Video Conferencing On Another Level With EZTalks

ez talks logoMany people who are working in the industry fields, such as enterprise, government, education, training, healthcare, legal, finance, military, community, etc. are using video conferences for online meetings, training and webinars. But what if we’re on the go and we want some video conferencing tool that can always be accessible in our devices? We tried to find an app like that and we discovered one of the best online video conferencing services on both Android and iOS platforms. The app that we’re talking about is called EZTalks. The app works excellent and looks amazing on both iPhone and iPad and has friendly user interface. It provides its customers multiple online conferencing services and it can reduce costs and boost productivity levels.

The EZTalks offers free videoconferencing experience, so you will be able to easily join or host any online meeting using just your device. Whether you’re at a café or in a hotel, you will have both simple and professional video collaboration. It has never been easier! In order to use this feature-rich app, you have to download it first and then sign up or sign in with your Facebook or Google account. Then, you can start an instant or scheduled meeting. If you want to schedule a meeting, all you have to do is enter the exact date and tell the people who will be attending. You can check. Add and edit the scheduled meetings. Starting an instant meeting is also easy, just invite attendees by sending them an email or SMS and start your videoEZTALKS. As a host, you will have multiple opportunities, such as make one of the participants as a presenter, permit speak, mute or remove some of the participants, etc. If you want to join an online meeting, you have to enter the meeting ID provided by the host and enter your name. Then you can enjoy face-to-face communication across your device’s screen in HD videos and crystal clear audio.

Besides these incredible features, EZTalks contains an innovative whiteboard that allows you to draw up your ideas with pencil, highlighter, eraser, text, screen capture and other tools and share and present your operations to other people. You can present PPT, Word or other document files in real-time. Sending messages and chatting is also available, so you can either chat with individual attendees or everyone in the meeting. The video resolution and the volume of the meeting are adjustable, as well. You can adjust anything according to your liking and enjoy in full-screen meeting view. EZTalks features automatic horizontal screen mode display and an option for you to check history or any upcoming meetings. The app brings easy talks everywhere, set in HD videos and allows you to meet anywhere with anyone and get more things done. You can download this powerful and easy video conferencing software and service provider from Google Play or from the App Store and join or host unlimited online meetings. The app is completely free!