Manage Your Finances Smarter With Financial Alerts

financial3When it comes to managing finances and tracking the markets on the go, there are a number of excellent apps that can be downloaded and installed onto your mobile device from the App Store. Whether you need to make a trade, check on your portfolio balance, or find out the latest financial market news, there’s an app for that. Trading and accessing client information via mobile devices continues to rise, and brokers are betting big on the future.

Today, nearly every online broker has resources devoted to mobile development, which is no surprise. Despite the fact that most brokers have had mobile apps for many years, the door is still wide open for brokers to innovate. Many online brokers are wagering that mobile investing isn’t just about viewing a portfolio, maintaining a basic watch list, and placing simple trades. Instead, they are working to bring the full trading experience to mobile, including trade tools, advanced order types, detailed charting, complex options, cloud syncing, and much more.Financial alerts2

We concluded that most of the apps offer real-time market and economic news and information, as well as analysis tools. We tried many of them and they are all similar. But what about helping the customers with predictions and advice on when and what to buy or sell? We thought that there isn’t an app like that, but we were wrong. One of our team members discovered an amazing app in the Finance category on both Google Play and App Store. Created by Gabriella Mittelman, the app called Financial Alerts is the one that amazed us all with it offerings. This cross-platform app is beautifully designed, intuitive user interface and with well packed features that can help anyone who is in the stock market business.

If you want to get stock market overviews and some advice on when to make the right moves, what and when to buy or sell, the Financial alerts app is a must for you. It has integrated menu that is easy to use, where you can find everything you need. All you have to download it and you will start receiving stock market overviews which are actually based on technical analysis, numerology and astrology, They will come to you 2 or 3 times a week and they can help you gain more money and get extra income on daily basis. The developer offers alerts that are for different indices and shares, made with calculations based on math, Fibonacci sequences, planetary cycles and astronomy. Where is the stop for long or short positions? No need for worries, the app will make the calculations and present to you. You will also receive the price targets.

You can get your personal portfolio advisor if you only download this app, which is available for only $25 on both Google Play and the App Store. Get it today and make sure you share it with your friends via your Facebook or Twitter account!