Enjoy More Than 100 Grandpa Sayings With Grumpy Grandpa 2

Grumpy Grandpa 2iOS devices have long enjoyed the richest app ecosystem around, with nearly 1 million applications available in all. Even if 90% of them were rubbish that would still leave roughly 100,000 worthwhile ones. With so many apps on the store it can be easy for some to get buried and ironically it can actually make it harder to find the apps you’re looking for. With that in mind, turning your iDevice into an entertainment hub can be hard work .iPhones and iPads are, of course, an almost endless supply of entertainment. To ease your search in finding something entertaining on the App Store, we did it instead of you and found an incredibly fun iOS app that is appealing to people of any age. The app is called Grumpy Grandpa 2, developed by Jeff LeBlanc and only requiring iOS 9.0 or later and works and looks excellent on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. If you are familiar with the first version, then you will certainly love this one. It has more lovely new graphics, more fun features for you, your friends and your family!

First, download and install the Grumpy Grandpa 2 app and then you will be able to enjoy its great set of features. The app is a tribute to all of the great Grandpa’s in the world. You can use it to break the silence and make your family members and your friends laugh, you can use it to annoy anyone or just to drive someone crazy, it’s that fun! Including Grandpa sayings, fun family games, Grandfather’s quotes and much more, it is a must for anyone who wants to have entertainment in the palm of their hand.Grumpy12

Grumpy Grandpa 2 contains 25 hilarious Grandpa’s sounds and phrases, which by the way are completely free. There are 75 additional sounds and phrases that you can get with the available in-app purchases. Also, you can enjoy the TV/Movie and Star Wars quotes, cool quotes and saying that you can show to anyone you like. Just tap the Grandpa’s head and start playing the game. Choose one of the modes and make sure you share it with your loved ones via Facebook, Twitter or email. Play the random mode and you won’t know what’s coming, play the combo mode and play 3 different sounds consecutively, play the stealth mode which actually wakes up the Grandpa whenever your phone is moved and have timed attacks (sounds) that are played automatically when the time you’ve set up expires.

If you want more additional sound packs, get the in-app purchases or just download the free version from the App Store. Click on the link below and get ready to have hours of fun!