Best iPhone for the Job

With the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus launch only a few weeks away excitement is growing about what Apple has in store for us in the way of design and technology, and rightly so for there is nothing quite like all the speculation and rumours that surround the impending launch of an new iPhone.

It seems almost inconceivable that it was almost ten years since the first generation of iPhones were launched and for some people it is actually difficult to remember what it was like to be without one.

The way that we communicate with family and friends as well as the way we shop, game and make plans has changed drastically due the advancement in technology and if you put that together with the enormous amount of apps that we can download to personalise our phones, this makes our device a truly individual piece of kit.

Choosing the best iPhone for your needs and wants really depends on how you will use your iPhone and what functions you will end up using the most, and of course how much you are prepared to pay for your phone, although there are many deals out there that allow you to spread your payments so that you can afford the phone you truly desire.

Nothing is truly simple though, take, for example, the choice made by a person who loves their games.  The choice of phone will depend on the type of games which are preferred. If, for instance, games like Infinity Blade which are processor intensive are your thing, then the faster A9 processor which is found in the iPhone 6s Plus, 6s and SE would be fine.

Today the App Store has those games that only run on the newer iOS hardware, so you might find you miss out on the very newest of games if you don’t keep up to speed with your iPhone and it is widely recognised that at least 32GB of storage is advisable for heavy gamers, although if you are willing to install the games and only focus on a few games at any one time then you will probably be able to get away with less storage.

Not only has the iPhone changed the way we play games but it has also had a direct influence over many other markets and that include the betting industry.  Gone are the days where it was impossible to play at our favourite social sites like costa bingo because of terrible graphics, and let’s face it, gameplay that was so unreliable it was not worth the time spent trying.

Today the experience we get from our iPhone is second to none, we can keep up-to-date with friends and family whilst enjoying our favourite games, and once more we can fund our games through our phones, plus we can take advantage of any of the promotional or bonus offers these high quality sites now offer us, some tailor made exclusively for mobile phone players.