Now available for Android and iOS systems: Eldrian Legacy

If you’ve had your eyes peeled of late, you’ll be all too aware that JoyCity recently announced a pre-register event for their new release Eldrian Legacy, which is now available from either the App Store or Google play. The pre-register event offered up a bounty of 600 diamonds, 20,000 gold and 50 energy, so be sure to retrieve them if you got involved.

The title itself revolved around the traditional RPG layout, where you must strive to create the strongest team from the 37 available characters, by combining them according to the strengths of their 6 respective elements. The key is finding which of the elements work best together, and which will work to your detriment when paired against another.

There’s ample opportunity for progression with this title, especially when it comes to the variety of gameplay modes available, such as Tower of Souls, Battlefield of Glory and Adventure. By traversing through these different modes, you can strive to collect Soul Stone, which level up your party as you progress.

Available now, for free, from either the App Store or Google Play, we recommend you get stuck into this one ASAP. Don’t forget to claim any pre-register rewards within 7 days of the game’s release or you’ll miss out!