Delivit – A Great Way to Buy Cheap Duty Free Goods

delivitWhen I was younger I can remember my mum making contact with her friends that’s going on holiday, in-order to purchase things for her at duty free shops. She alway seem to be interested in who’s travelling to USA. She would find different items and ask her friends to purchase them at the discount price. There are times when she finds a product and no one is travelling, so she gets a bit annoyed. To this day, she is still pestering the same people to get her things whilst they are travelling. There is however an app that allows you to get goods from duty free shop from the comfort of your home . It’s call Delivit.

Delivit is a smart app that connects people who wish to buy stuff from the duty free shop, with users whodelivit-2 are travelling to international locations. You are able to shop from anywhere worldwide with no hassle at all. The traveller and buyer are able to send messages to each other, share information on the product their after, choose the delivery fee, delivery location and just about anything to make the process as smooth as possible. Buyers can check travellers previous work and see reviews to decide if they go with that traveller. Everything can be agreed between the buyer and traveller before making any commitment. If things don’t go to plan buyers will get a full refund. Delivit is a cool and easy way for travellers to earn some cash whilst they are on holiday.


Delivit is easy to use. Download the app, register or sign up with either Facebook, Twitter or Google. Place a request for the product you’re after in the ‘My Request’ section, you can then check which traveller is due to take a trip to the destination you want your product from and connect with them. Once you connect you will be able to specify the delivery cost, location and anything to suit.

Delivit is a one of a kind app and a very good idea. The more people use the app the bigger the network will become. Try it ou for free.