Personalize Your Communication and Make it Amazing With lettrs

letrsPeople in this day and age are always sending tons of individualized messages to each other. Whether we’re sending a simple thank you message to a helpful colleague or a more complicated and rich love letter to our loved ones, we’re always looking for ways to make the message feel like as if it’s unique to our own writing style. Apps have evolved around the aspect of personalizing the user’s chatting experience, allowing you to change themes, chat backgrounds and allowing the use numerous emoticons of your choice. But all of these apps are trying to step away from one thing that’s missing in today’s digital messaging system, but frequent in real life handwritings, and that’s personalized handwriting styled fonts and notes.

Picture this for a moment. It’s the day of your anniversary with the person you love, and you want to write a meaningful and personalized message to him/her. You’ve just finished writing the message on your phone, and love the way it sounds thanks to all the mindful thoughts that you’ve put into it. Right before you send it, you’re searching for a way to make the message feel unique to your writing style. And so you put some emoticons in it, but it still doesn’t sound like you, so you delete them and decide to send it just the way it is. Sure enough, after a moment the picture becomes clear. You’ve just sent a message to the person you love that feels like a corporate job report, deprived of any sense of emotion or playfulness. Your message feels like it’s been automated. It has no life in it.

Luckily, there’s a great app out there that does just that, and so much more.lettrs

Lettrs is a social networking app that gives you tons of opportunities to make your social experience with other people more personal and engaging. It is an award winning app that allows you to choose between a huge number of handpicked and personalized letter styles. You can create backgrounds and themes by combining the ones that the app gives you, but you can even play around with your own pictures if you like. With lettrs you can also check up on your favorite celebrities’ authentic autographed messages and posts. As a twitter celebrity using lettrs, you can create your personalized autograph that you can later share with other fans. You can also make them purchasable. You can sign your love letters with your own personal autograph to make the message feel more real and meaningful.

You can upgrade your lettrs account and use their great perks and additions like: access and ability to use premium stamps, access to premium feeds, multi-letter delivery with a golden avatar around your profile, and much more. The premium membership is extremely cheap, just $0.99! Payment is charged from your iTunes account after you confirm the purchase.

We hope we’ve helped you out in your social networking experience. You can check out more about the app by visiting lettr’s official website. You can also find and download the app from the App Store.