Princess Kim’s Nail Salon: No Kim Jong-un To Be Found Here

I’ve never quite understood the fuss about painting your nails, for one simpler reason: the stuff only lasts about a day. After that, it’s chipped, it’s peeling, and generally making your hand look awful. Four days without a touch-up and you’re into Portuguese hooker territory. But I can certainly appreciate the creativity involved in the mixing and matching of colours and shapes. If only there was a way to maintain the creative part, without sacrificing your hand to the gods of ravage. Well, if you turn to your smartphone, of course there’s a way. It’s called Princess Kim’s Nail Salon, it’s out now for iOS and Google Play, and I am utterly under-qualified to review it. But anyway, here we go.

This app will appeal to, in no particular order; young girls, teens, certain young women, certain gay men, and paraphilic serial killers with a fetish for hands. If Kira Yoshikage, the villain from Part 4 of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, were to own a smartphone, this is the first app he’d get. But anyway, I digress. The game is simple; it’s a little studio of nail painting creativity, where potential artists can paint freely on a virtual, lifeless hand. The graphics are solid and pretty-looking, where vivid colours such as pinks and turquoise run free.

If you don’t like doing up a lifeless hand, you have the option of taking a photo of your own hand, or your friend’s or victim’s hand, and painting that up instead. If you’re particularly proud of your designs, you can share them with your friends to get their input too. There are multiple nail sets to choose from, complete with different shapes, sizes, colours, adding up to your own unique manicure.

I’m acutely aware that this app is not aimed at me, a twenty-seven-year-old man. However, looking at it through the mind of an excitable teenage girl, I can see why this app might be pretty great. Plus, it’s got ‘Kim’ in its name, and anything reminiscent of a Kardashian is sure to score points with the little ones (that is me assuming a young girl would immediately associate with that particular Kim, and not, say, the dictatorial leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, as I initially did). All in all, this is a fun, playful, well-designed app that should delight young girls and young-at-heart women alike.

Sit back and relax at the App Store or Google Play, and get creative today for free!

Patrick Ryan
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