Evangelion inspires Unison League’s new content

Ateam’s Unison League tasks you with defending the land of Granvia from the onslaught of monsters great and small. You create your own hero, kit them out with the best weapons you can find, join other players and get adventuring. The RPG came out in 2015, and offers blend of real-time strategic battles and guild building with buddies.

The inspiration for the latest update comes from a surprising source – hit anime Evangelion. The franchise became a cultural phenomenon when it began in the 90s, gripping Japan with its blend of sci-fi, symbolism and spectacular mecha battles. Rebuild Evangelion is the latest film series to take the brand further, and this collaboration is bound to please those Unison League players who love classic anime.

The new content includes a fresh plot for players to delve into over two weeks. There’s a chance to unlock Evangelion cosmetic items as each chapter unfolds, so you can turn your hero into Shinji, Rei and Asuka. Or if mechas are more your thing, you can equip mecha Unit 01 and 02 outfits too, and they come with brand new attack animations thrown in for good measure. What’s roleplay for if not to allow you to become a monster-slaying cyborg? There’s also a racy log-in bonus – Rei Ayanami dressed up as a speed queen.

You can download Unison League from Google Play and the App Store.

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