Pryvate Now: The Way To Hide Those Pryin’ Eyes

Privacy is on many online consumers’ minds at the moment. With the constant threat of hacks, and rumours and reports of companies selling on your information to insidious third parties, many people are very mindful of what exactly they’re logging on to, and with what details. It pays to be smart in this day and age, when most major crimes are committed through the internet; and that’s not scaremongering, it’s a cold, hard fact. So how can you protect yourself against this looming threat? People have claimed before that there ain’t no way to hide those pryin’ eyes. Well, those people obviously never heard of Pryvate Now. This handy little app will serve as your first line of digital protection, and it’s free and out now for iOS.

Pryvate Now is an award-winning (2015 Best Business App – Best Mobile App Awards) app which acts as a secure mobile voice, text messaging and encryption interface for your smartphone. And when I say secure I mean secure; this thing uses military-grade encryption. So you can be pretty sure that if they can’t crack military transmissions, they’ll sure as hell be unable to crack those sexy messages to your girlfriend. And it doesn’t just count for texts either; your calls will be as equally secure as your written words.

Joking aside, security and privacy IS a major issue for a lot of users, and Pryvate Now is a great initiative to counter the growing number of ‘backdoor digital salesmen’.  So how does it work exactly? Well, once you download the app, it’ll load up just like the iOS interface you’re used to, albeit one with a fetching blue theme. From there, you can avail of Pryvate’s free, unlimited calls and IM service, and even test out the paying upgrade, Pryvate Pro, for free.

Pryvate has no access to users’ encryption keys at all, making it nigh on impossible to hack, from any angle. Only you and your recipient have access to what you’ve sent, and if even that suddenly doesn’t sit right with you, you can press the self-destruct button and destroy all traces of your conversation for good, which is pretty cool. All in all, Pryvate Now offers a contemporary, timely service that users would do well to take advantage of; its smooth interface and smartphone integration combine seamlessly to provide users with the ultimate private experience; no pryin’ eyes here.

Infiltrate the App Store or Google Play and lock your smartphone down for free today!

Patrick Ryan
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