SPEEDLINK unveils two new mice for gamescom


SPEEDLINK announces two new gaming mice this year at Gamescom: the DECUS RESPEC, successor to the successful DECUS Gaming Mouse, featuring a new weight system, and the OMNIVI Gaming Mouse with a maximum resolution of 12,000dpi.



What do you do with a successful gaming mouse? You add new features and do even more tuning-up under the hood. This is precisely what was done to the new DECUS RESPEC Gaming Mouse, launched at gamescom today. The original ergonomic shape, which led to the mouse’s incredible popularity among gamers, has been kept. The top case has been redeveloped and redesigned. There are some new features on the base of the mouse too: an integrated weight system with 4 x 4.5g removable weights plus a new 5,000dpi optical sensor. The RRP for the new version will be £44.99. It is due to go on sale at the end of September.

OMNIVI GAMING MOUSE with 12,000dpi


The OMNIVI Gaming Mouse, which boasts 10 buttons including the scroll wheel button, has just been added to the lineup. The mouse is equipped with an optical sensor with a resolution of 12,000dpi. Its integral aluminium plate with integrated finger rest means this mouse is incredibly ergonomic, plus it feels compact. Besides its configurable illumination with 7 colours to choose from, the OMNIVI also comes with software which allows button configs and complex macros to be recorded and stored in any number of profiles. The OMNIVI mouse will be available from retailers from October for an RRP of £59.99.