Enigma Test – Think outside the box


Games are known for providing hours of fun. Whether we play it on our computers or on our phones and tablets, we are always entertained. But when we are having a boring day or we’re waiting for someone, a gaming app on our smartphones is always a great idea. But, not all games are fulfilling our expectations. Many games passed through our hands, thus it is hard to find one that will fulfill all our expectations. We found both addictive and challenging gaming app when searching through the App Store the other day and we simply couldn’t resist presenting it to you today. The name of the game is Enigma Test, it requires iOS 9.0 or later and it is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Also, its graphics are wonderful and it is created in a very user friendly way.

Now, let us share some words about the gameplay. It is simple and easy to play, yet so challenging. There are dozens of puzzle games which are quite different from the others you’ve already played. Full of authentic riddles and puzzles, Enigma Test will make you think outside the box and will make you more creative than you already are. This true brain-challenger requires great thinking skills, logic and intelligent vision. It contains levels of all sorts for you to complete. At first, you may think that they are easy, but as you play they will become more challenging and more difficult. They will get extremely hard, but don’t you worry! The Enigma Test gaming app offers many hints and clues that will give you a hand when playing harder levels. You can easily purchase the hints and the skips from the store and use them whenever you need help.Enigma Test

The questions of this gaming app are interesting, you can play and solve cracking codes, guess the correct numbers and pins, excite your brain and increase your thinking capabilities. We warn you, Enigma Test is highly addictive and only the most brilliant ones will pass through the logical levels. Unique and challenging levels, all kinds of puzzles, hints and skips, thinking outside the box – what more can you ask for? Besides, the developers will add more levels in the near future, so you can have even more fun! Share Enigma Test with your friends and family members, challenge them as well, compare your scores and see who the best player is. Get this incredible gaming app today, it is available for free on the App Store. Just click on the link below and have fun!